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SNPC Lamp Post Poppy Campaign 2018

South Normanton Parish Council Supports Royal British Legion Centenary Lamp Post Poppy Campaign 2018

South Normanton Parish Council are proud to announce the official South Normanton Centenary Lamp Post Poppy Campaign in conjunction with The Royal British Legion. This campaign is in line with other Parishes throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. The Parish Council have made a donation to Royal British Legion for 140 Lamp Post Poppies and 100 Wooden Crosses. The poppies have been attached to lamp posts throughout the village as mark of respect. The poppies also pay tribute and honour for the immense sacrifice of the fallen and wounded during the First World War.

The Poppy Appeal is the Royal British Legion's biggest fundraising campaign held every year in November, the period of Remembrance. This year, join us as we mark 100 years of the end of the First World War and a new world began. In 2018 The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying "Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world". The charity is calling on the public to remember not only the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces who lost their lives, but also those – military and civilian – who played their part on the home front and those who returned to build a better life for the benefit of generations to come. South Normanton Parish Council fully support this message of thanks on behalf of the community.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the lamp post poppies official Poppy Appeal products?

Yes. The RBL have copy written the 2 petal poppy. The red poppy is a universal symbol of Remembrance and hope - hope for our beneficiaries to overcome their difficulties with our help, and hope for a peaceful world.

Can we advertise on the poppy?

No. The 2 petal poppy has been incorporated into the RBL logo since 1921, it is part of organisation's global brand and identity, and had been copy written by RBL, The message of poppy is clear - it is of Remembrance and of Hope.

How much of the donation will go towards the Poppy Appeal?

South Normanton Parish Councils entire donation will be donated to the Poppy Appeal and will support the Armed Forces.

South Normanton Parish Council are extremely proud and honoured to officially support the Royal British Legion in the UK Centenary lamp post poppy campaign. The Council fully respects the meaning and symbol of the iconic 2 petal poppy and the tireless work of the Royal British Legion not only in this centenary campaign but all remembrance activity. May this long continue.

"Thank you to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world".