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Ball Hill Planning Application

The Parish Council are very pleased to announce that the planning application for an industrial development on the land east of the M1 Motorway and north of Ball Hill has been withdrawn.

The Parish Council were the first to object to the planning application in the strongest terms back in February 2018.

The Parish Council strongly objected on the grounds that: -

This would be building industrial units in what is a longstanding residential area. It raises issues of access with a large volume of traffic, especially HGV's entering the site then exiting on to Ball Hill, close to the brow of the hill.

The application is for two sheds each containing five units so this would incur increased noise, possibly during unsociable hours.

There are many disused mine shafts in the area which are not considered in the application and this may well prove a problem.

The application states that there is no amenity value but this is actually incorrect.

Bolsover District Council informed us on 13th December that: -

Please note that application 17/00657/FUL re-employment development at Ball Hill South Normanton has now been withdrawn by the applicant.

As always, the Parish Council acts with the best interests of the residents of the parish.

Posted: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 12:28 by Clerks

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